10 Reading Comprehension Questions

Idiot Genius: Willa Snap and the Clockwerk Boy, by Richard Due

1. What family lives on a sprawling estate atop the highest hill in Grandeur?

A. daVinci
B. Howe
C. Harker
D. Grayson

2. Where was Grandeur located before it was Somewhere in the Southwest of America?

A. Somewhere South of the Border
B. Somewhere next to Gallifrey
C. Somewhere Northeast of London
D. Somewhere in the Shadowlands

3. What words would best describe Professor Pedagogue?

A. helpful and kind
B. dedicated and inspiring
C. condescending and sarcastic
D. needy and clingy

4. What hobbies does Grayson hope to pursue in Grandeur?

A. croquet and skydiving
B. theater and hunting
C. chess and painting
D. politics and knitting

5. What is Nimet’s secret?

A. Her family belongs to a guild of assassins.
B. Her family hails from a distant planet.
C. Her family ages at a far slower rate than others.
D. Her family founded Grandeur in 650 BCE.

6. What type of business does Bertie Babbage’s dad run?

A. A petting zoo
B. A film studio
C. A soup shop
D. An ice cream truck

7. Which character would you be mostly likely to see at a college in the US?

A. Tuppence
B. Morgan
C. Jaja
D. Audrey Snap

8. What must the dragons destroy to avoid discovery by the soothies?

A. The castle keep
B. The time machine
C. The golden orb
D. The sacred book

9. Who keeps memory books that chronicle past adventures?

A. Willa Snap
B. The Clockwerk Boy
C. Ravenlock Sward
D. Ibid 2975

10. Which character had an unfortunate experience with a Nanny Bear?

A. Grimalkin
B. The Wondrous Professor Farsical
C. Jack Snap
D. Tiffany Widderchine


  1. A
  2. C
  3. C
  4. B
  5. A
  6. C
  7. D
  8. B
  9. B
  10. D